Learn about our salon COVID health and safety protocol for when you book an appointment with us!

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we still take COVID seriously

Please let us know if you are venerable and would like us to take measures to protect you.

We are more than happy to wear masks, and would also ask you to if you are showing signs of a cold, but would prefer it if you re scheduled your appointment for when you are feeling better.

Find out below what COVID precautions we will take again if the need arises, and what to expect when visiting the salon if we have to re instate Covid precautions.

Transcend Hair Salon Covid Precautions Video


With face masks no longer being mandatory in our industry our team no longer wear them. However, if you are vulnerable or would feel more comfortable if the stylist/therapist delivering your service did wear a mask then please do ask. Our team are more than happy to do so. If we feel that you have arrived at the salon with obvious symptoms of a cold, we will ask that you wear a mask, or that you re-arrange your appointment.

hand sanitiser

You will find hand sanitiser throughout the salon. We as a team continue to use hand sanitiser.

Feeling unwell

If you feel unwell, we will kindly ask that you re arrange your appointment. Keeping our customers safe and our team healthy is a priority.